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Looking Forward 2015

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Looking Forward 2015

I’m trying to keep my chin up and think positive but 2014 was a bit disappointing as far as sales go. When I started my website in 2011 I was very encouraged after I started making sales in just one month. Each year I sold a little bit more than the year before until 2014…when my sales went down from the previous year. Negative thoughts have been entering my mind: Are my photos just not good enough? Should I throw in the towel and stop wasting time and money on what’s really just a hobby? Can I really make this more than just a hobby? Am I just fooling myself calling myself a photographer? Can I really compete with the photographers that are selling? Have I lost my creative vision?

OK so maybe it’s time to re-boot. What can I do to get moving in the right direction? Firstly I need to get my thoughts back on track and replace the negative thoughts with positive ones instead of hearing that voice from the movie scene in Wayne’s World “I’m not worthy”. Next I need to formulate some goals.

Here are my 2015 photography goals, I’m not going to call them resolutions though since everyone knows that those only last about a month before falling back into the same old habits.:

1. Find new and better ways to market. Research online for other venues besides Face book for marketing/ networking. Since Face book went public in the Wall Street world , the site no longer seems to be very effective for sales for someone like me on a budget i.e. not spending money for advertising.

2. Write in my photo blog regularly to keep my creative juices flowing

3. Improve my photography skills by viewing/reading educational articles and videos and learning techniques from photographer friends

4. Find my audience who wants to see and buy my photos

5. Create photos that inspire and instill an awe in the beauty of nature

6. Increase sales to be double or more of what they were in 2014

OK so that’s my plan for the New Year. Wish me luck. One foot in front of the other…moving forward into 2015.

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